***SALE*** Womens Jaws Movie Poster T Shirt

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Size: 2XL
Colour: White
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Ok, so you have probably seen the regular Jaws movie poster around from time to time right?

Well, so have we, and it is an iconic image that will just roll and roll for all time, and you can even buy this version on our site - but we wanted to mess it up a little, and add some Digital Damage to the artwork, and we came up with these ladies Jaws movie poster t shirt versions.

On this ladies t shirt design it's just grimey, heavy and downright dirty  - with paint peeling off a steel wall feel, and the other a less distressed and lighter design where you can see more of the original detail.

Put it this way - one of the posters you expect to have been recovered from the side of the mangled reckage of Quints boat "Orca" from the movie, and the other you might see slowly wearing away on the wall of a diner just up from the beach. Get it?

Either way, these Jaws movie poster t shirts are unique, and you can enter the room proud to know that only a handful of people can even come close to owning them.