Sylvester Stallone Terminator 2 Movie Poster T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Black


Cast your mind back to when the world lost its mind when Edward Furlong burst onto the scene as John Connor, and you will remember the iconic movie madness that was Arnold Schnwarzenegger blasting his way across LA riding a Harley Davidson and weilding a shotgun!
No image was as synonomous with this era than the Arnie Harley movie poster.
For those of you who study the films of Arnie, you will be familiar with The Last Action Hero, and a world where everything that appears in the movies - exists in alternative dimension.
One such scene features the moment where Arnie walks past a poster for Terminator 2 but with Sylvester Stallone as the lead character, and is surely one of movie histories greatest easter eggs!