Vigo The Carpathian A0 Size Poster

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"Death is but a doorway, time is but a window"

This Ghostbusters Vigo The Carpathian artwork is simply stunning, and it captures everything about the iconic movie figure from the second Ghostbusters film!

Ideal for anybody who has just had a baby and they need a little something to brighten up the nursery!

Printed onto 150 gsm thick satin poster paper and sent out in a protective carboard tube, this is a great way to own some of the best artwork available at an awesome low price!

It's just like the old days, when you would buy a poster from a record store on the high street and proceed to walk home whilst whacking your friends around the head with it, or using it as some kind of improvised sword!

Measuring a whopping 84cm x 120cm, (A0) this item is something very special, and looks even better when framed.


Due to the weight (and value) of this item, international customers MUST use DHL as the courier - they are the gold standard for delivery, and most items arrive within 2 to 3 days worldwide