So you made it through the murky world of the internet and arrived unscathed at the Digital Pharaoh website?!

Well my friend, your reward awaits you in some of the greatest clothing on the internet....

So what is it that we do?

We are a cult clothing design company hell-bent on creating unique and fresh t shirts, hoodies and sweaters that you can be proud to wear to any event.

Our team are constantly working to add new and fresh clothing designs to our website, so it is always worth checking back regularly to see what is going on.

Make sure you follow us on our social media pages where you can be included in Pharaohs' group of loyal subjects who are eligible for free stuff, competitons and discounts! We are here to create - but we also love to hear from you guys! If you have an idea, or need something special - then just let us know and we will try and accomodate you wherever possible. The mighty Pharaoh could even reward you for your contribution....

All of our staff are fashion, movie and music lovers alike, not to mention fans of all things funky and at times satirical, twisted and bitter. It is through this sense of humour that we channel the unique designs you will see on our website.

We know that our clothing designs have to look and feel awesome?

Basically, we wouldn't dare make something that we wouldn't be prepared to wear ourselves.

So now you know what the deal is with us, you can browse safe in the knowledge that we are awesome, and that we really, really love you guys...


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