As of April 2021 we have taken the decision to use the highest quality t shirt we have ever printed onto:

100% brushed ORGANIC Cotton, Vegan Friendly & PETA approved fabric t shirts.

This means that less harsh chemicals are used in the creation of this item, making it feel awesome to wear, whilst providing a great surface to print on.

This combined with the fact that it is helping to prevent nasty chemicals going back into the planet during manufacture, means that we can all be a little happier wearing them!

We are also in the process of sending out every t shirt, mens, womens or kids - with an embroidered hem tag.

As colours are finished with the extra design work, they are being added to the available list.

Basically, we wouldn't dare sell something we wouldn't want to wear ourselves, and you will instantly see this from the moment you put the item on.

You really do get what you pay for!


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