1984 INGSOC Mens T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Black
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This 1984 mens INGSOC logo t shirt is perhaps taken from one of the original films in history which gave rise to so many dystopian storylines in which an oppresive government is seen to be controlling its citizens.

George Orwell created such a dark and sinster masterpiece, that it is heralded today in so many films that are surely descended from its origin to include a Clockwork Orange and Equilibrium to name a few.

Brainwashing and obedience are standard traits of the "Big Brother" society, and failure to adhere to them can have grave consequences...

This 1984 t shirt features a distressed chest and back print with the INGSOC logo and summary of some of the key beliefs of the Big Brother society.

An excellent t shirt for any Orwellian style society fan!