Airwolf Retro TV Series Hoodie

Size: S
Colour: Grey
Sale price£42.99


Are you an old skool Airwolf Fan? Then you need this awesome Airwolf Hoodie!

Who can forget the unstopable duo that made up the flight crew of the ultra retro TV series Airwolf?!

Thats right, we're talking about Stringfellow Hawk (coolest name ever) and his co - pilot Caitlin O'Shannessy and their battles in a cold war era against and sometimes with - the US Goverment.

This Airwolf T Hoodie features the "Wolf In Sheeps Clothing" logo of the Airwolf Helicoptor, an advanced supersonic helicopter with stealth capabilities and a formidable arsenal.

This is a real 80's classic and must surely be one of the 80's greatest TV shows, holding its own with the likes of Street Hawk and Night Rider.

A deeply detailed print, with striking colour - makes this Airwolf Hoodie the ultimate choice for any retro tv series fan!

Printed onto an epic 80% organic cotton, 320 gsm thick hoodie.