Aliens Acheron Technician Mens T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Gold
Sale price£19.99


"That's the Atmosphere Processor?"
"Yep, that's it. Remarkable piece of machinery, completely automated. You know, we manufacture those, by the way."

So you made it all the way to LV426 and now you are responsible for the lives of every man, woman and child being able to breathe air whilst they go about their daily lives!

This Aliens t shirt features a high quality chest logo and back print, with the designation "Technician" so that now, people will know who you are and maybe just maybe salute you as you wander the halls of the colony.

100% Supersoft ORGANIC Cotton, 180 gsm thick, VEGAN Friendly and PETA Approved fabric

This is an unofficial fan inspired design.