Aliens Bugstomper Embroidered MA1 Bomber Jacket

Size: S
Design Style: With Red Patch
Colour: Green
Sale price£100.99


"Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen"

Here is the ultimate accessory for any grunt on the loading deck of an interstellar troop transport!

Our embroidered MA1 bomber jacket comes with a fully embroidered chest and matching rear patch of the now infamous BUGSTOMPER dropship variant!

Created using the finest bomber jacket by Brandit, this is one item of clothing any USCM cannot be seen without in the hold of bay 12, or when on planet leave hunting down that elusive arcturian poon-tang!

The jacket also comes complete with a veclro patch on the right sleeve for you to attach any further moral patches as you wish, but comes with the USA flag shown.