Aliens Game Over Man Womens T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Black
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Who can forget that moment when the film Aliens was released as a sequel to the Ridley Scott epic movie?

With such a tough act to follow, James Cameron went all out with the Marines, Guns & 6 foot Xenomorphs didn't he?

This ladies Aliens Movie t shirt captures the infamous (ad-libbed) line from Hudson "Game Over Man - Game Over" in reference to the drop ship having just crashed and resulting in their only form of salvation being destroyed before their eyes.

How right he was!

If you are a lady who loves here off world Aliens coming at you left right and center, then this is the t shirt for you!

Get your freak on with this awesome high quality womens t shirt print.

You won't find this one anywhere else in the world as it is a DPUK original.