Aliens USCM Colonial Marines Mens Hoodie

Size: S
Colour: Grey
Sale price£40.99


This Aliens USCM Hoodie is ideal for anyone who feels like they were cut out for more in life, like being dropped onto Alien worlds and being ordered into battle against 6 foot Xenomorphs!

You know that feeling when you have just woken up from hyper sleep and the floor is a bit too cold?

Well, now you can join like minded individuals in the USCM soldier! Featuring the iconic design of the Marines as seen in the movie Aliens, this is all you will ever need in the barracks or when you have just woken up from a face hugger induced deep sleep....

This item is a special NO POCKET style hoodie, where priority is given over to the size of design on the chest - so please make note of this when placing your order!!