Batman Arkham Asylum Womens T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Black
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Arkham Asylum is the name given to the mental institution that many of the main protagonists of the Batman and Dark Knight movies end up in.

The DC world scuplted by various movie directors can find its roots in the comic universe, and in both Arkham Asylum tends to not be shown to be a nice place to be held.

It is this darkness that inspired the design and creation of this epic ladies Batman t shirt.

With the 2 opposing "A's" set against a  worn stone backdrop, held together by the boney horns of some other worldly creature - this is the perfect design for this dark and grimey place where evil is shut away from the civilised world to be forgotten about.

Look people in the eye  as they meet your gaze when wearing this ladies t shirt, afterall, for all they know, you could be on day release......