Bruce Lee Hans Tournament T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Black
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This Bruce Lee / Hans Tournament T Shirt is inspired by the legendary fighters' competiton staged by "Han" on his private island. Way back in the day, this movie set the standard for all other fight genres to follow.

In the film Enter The Dragon starring Bruce Lee, fighters are summoned from all over the world to show their skills off to the mysterious Han, tucked away out of sight on his private island.

As the film unfolds, we discover that it is an ingenious way for Han to recruit the finest fighters from all over the world to eventually work for him in the protection of his more lucrative criminal ways.

This Hans Island T Shirt incorporates the actual "tree" logo as seen on the fighters uniform (which Bruce Lee refuses to wear), and is complemented by numerous Chinese Fighting Dragons.

It is also slightly distressed to give that "lived in look", just so that when you do eventually rock up to Han's Island - you won't look like a noob, and get your ass kicked!

So what are  you waiting for - buy it already and avoid the question.....

"Why you no wear uniform!!??"