Grim Bastards MC T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Black
Sale price£19.99


This special edition Grim Bastards T Shirt features the Motorcycle Crews Logo on the back of the famous biker crew jackets.

This Grim Bastards T Shirt also has the LODI and PRESIDENT club patches on the front.

Inspired by the hit TV series, this Grim Bastards biker crew T Shirt is the more rare and perhaps a little more understated than the regular SOA T Shirt - but maybe that's why it is sooooo good!

The Grim Bastards T Shirt design is cut from the highest quality, professional grade fashion vinyl, and is nearly indestructible!

There are many copies avalable on the internet - which are poor quality copies of this design! Beware!

This is a fan inspired design - 100% unofficial