Hostel Inspired "ELITE HUNTING" T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Black
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Elite Hunting is the fictional criminal organization and the major antagonists in the horror films Hostel and Hostel: Part II, which operates a worldwide clandestine murder-for-profit business.

Rich sadistic businessmen and women can bid on backpackers staying at a hostel in eastern Slovakia and torture them to death with many different tools at a run-down factory.

It is suggested that Elite Hunting is a branch of the Russian Mafia which has inserted itself into a village in Slovakia.

This T Shirt is true to the actual logo as seen on the Elite Hunting business card featuring the image of a bloodhound next to a fictional email address elitehunting@gang.rus

Few films evoke such a strong reaction to their viewing, and this film spawned a whole host of internet chatter about the truth behind such organisations, and if they really do exist....

Eli Roth changed the carefree image of backpacking forever with this movie, so why not show your alliegence to the cause and become an honorary member by wearing this t - shirt?