Junglist Warrior DNB Lion Head Mens T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Sand
Sale price£19.99


A special edition Drum & Bass Warrior DNB T Shirt for the DJ, DnB fan or just someone who appreciates an awesome t shirt when they see one!

As Drum & Bass continues to make it's way into popular culture, this t - shirt lets everyone know that you are not just a listener of Drum & Bass.... you are a Drum & Bass Warrior!

A Drum & Bass Warrior?

You know, the guy or girl who literally spends all night dancing in front of the 6 foot high speaker system - eager to make sure not one decibel of bass is lost on it's way to them across a dancefloor? Yeah, them.

If you know someone who fits that description, and you think they might appreciate this Drum & Bass T Shirt - you might have to write it down, as they probably won't hear a word you say........