Star Wars Inspired Jawa Bros. Droid Salvage T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Sand
Sale price£19.99


Ahhh, yes. Who can forget the legendary Jawa's from the first Star Wars Movie - A New Hope?

Simple in their appearance, but unmistakable with their glowing eyes and hooded figures cutting about the desert landscape looking for anything robotic that they can sell on for a profit!

This Star Wars inspired T Shirt celebrates everything great that we know about the Jawa's and their tireless dedication to the art of recycling / stealing any old droids they can lay their little paws on! Featuring the iconic image of the Jawa Sandcrawler, this t shirt includes such memorable phrases as "Moisture Farm Specialists" and "Droids Aquired To Order".

This design has been distressed in a red rust style to add an extra special layer of awesome-ness to the t shirt wearers clothing!

100% Brushed Organic Cotton - VEGAN friendly and PETA Approved fabric creation process.

This is a fan inspired unofficial item.