Star Wars Inspired Sons Of Anakin HOTH Charter T Shirt

Size: Small
Colour: Black
Sale price£19.99


With the popularity of MC club patches at an all time high this T Shirt is ideal for any Star Wars movie fan!

The back of this t shirt features the club name "Sons Of Anakin" and club charter location "Hoth" - which makes this one for the real sci-fi freak who know's their stuff!

Anakin being the name of Darth Vader before he turned to the dark side, and Hoth being the ice planet the Empire invades at the start of The Empire Strikes Back - but then you Star Wars Jedi Masters already knew that didn't you?

The font badge is a throwback to a particularly famous Stormtrooper in Star Wars - A New Hope, who can't be reached on his radio by the call sign "TK421", and a marrying of general MC style leadership ranking which in this case bestows the title "SGT at ARMS" on the owner of this sweatshirt.

Both front and back designs are distressed so as to give that "battle worn / combat ready" feel to it - just so that you don't look like the new guy in the garrison!