Oldboy Movie Poster T Shirt

Size: S
Colour: Black
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The original Oldboy Movie is one that really grabs your attention and forces you to watch whilst constantly asking "WHY???"

So legendary was the original, it recently had a hollywood makeover - but as with all things epic - you cannot beat the original, espcecially when you mix it with the awesome darkness that only the South Koreans provide when they made this movie.

With the iconic "Hammer" fight scene, all who have seen this movie will understand why this movie is a modern day classic, whilst having been realeased many, many years ago.

The end? Well, if you have seen this film - you know don't you, and if you are yet to see this movie - then why not treat yourself to an incredible film, only made more incredible by wearing this incredible t shirt?

The chest print features the aformentioned fight scene, with the back also complete with the "Oldboy" distressed text emblazoned vertically down the middle of the back.