Pika Pool Full Size Mask

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This Pika Pool mask is the latest amazing offering created by ourselves at Digital Pharaoh, and features a fully wearable rendition of the ultimate accessory you didn't know existed until now!

With artwork designed and brought to life by Yosh Studios (of whom we are a supporting member), this Pika Pool mask is everything thats awesome about both worlds and more!

The eye sections are removable and are held in by magnets, along with the rear nape section which attaches the same way.

The black eye and ear sections are finished in a rubber effect paint to give the same vibe as the leather sections on the Deadpool mask which Ryan Reynolds wears in the movies.

Dirty and distressed like Deadpool kinda is, this is one awsome display piece, or excellent item for scaring kids at the local drive thru!

A LOT of time and effort and money goes into making these masks, and it shows in the final product!

Size for a 23"- 24" head, but will fit anyone with a smaller head size with the additon of foam padding.

The ear sections will be sent disconnected for safe packaging and delivery purposes.

The stand is not included, please ask about a stand if you require one.