Skeksis & I Know It Dark Crystal Kids T Shirt

Size: 5-6 Yrs
Colour: Grey
Sale price£17.99


This Kids Skeksis T Shirt is perfect for any Henson obsessed family, and even more perfect for any young fans!

With the all new Netflix series coming soon, we couldn't stop thinking about the Lord Chamberlain as seen in the Dark Crystal by Jim Henson, and it got us thinking.

If you love your old skool puppet style movies, then The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth have got to be up there with the best!

It is with this in mind, that if like us you are as big a fan of these films as we are, then a little bit of Skeksis lives inside all of us - which is why you should be proud to wear this t shirt that declares your love to the world that you are "Skeksis and you know it"!

So get your Dark Crystal out - and get your Skeksi on!