Sons Of Anarchy CUSTOM CHARTER Mens Hoodie

Size: S
Colour: Black
Hoodie Style: Pullover
Sale price£45.99


This item is for customers who want to be able to customise the charter location on the rear!

This special edition Sons Of Anarchy hoodie features the iconic Reaper Crew Logo on the back of the infamous and now world famous Sons Of Anarchy biker crew of California.

This particular Sons Of Anarchy hoodie also has SAMCRO emblazoned down both sleeves, and also has the side rocker on the left side panel. The Sons Of Anarchy patch on the back is the grim reaper wielding a bloody scythe blade and the anarchy "A".

Only full members can wear the SOA "patch." Other smaller patches on the hoodie stand for different things, examples being "Men Of Mayhem," which is worn by club members who have spilled blood on the club's behalf.

The front Sons Of Anarchy Hoodie design is true to the actual biker crews own jackets with the logo on the left breast area, and Men Of Mayhem on the right chest area.

The hoodie is a 280 gsm thickness, which is considered to be a light to medium weight item, and is 80% cotton / 20% polyester.