Transformers Decepticons Logo T Shirt

Size: S
Primary color: White
Sale price£19.99


An awesome old skool retro Decepticons / Transformers logo t shirt.

Now when it comes to authentic old skool retro t shirts, this original Transformers cartoon series is right up there with Atari for its hardcore classic status.

So popular in fact, that they decided to make a whole bunch of new films using the same actor who voiced Optimus Primes' cartoon character for the all new and CGI - tastic Optimus Prime!

So, the Decepticons then.... easily the better logo, the bad guys, and you know their robots are just more badass!

This Transformers t - shirt features the old skool version of the Decepticons logo which you see popping up everywhere today on the back of cars (some even replace their cars bonnet logo with a Decepticons logo), and grafitti covered walls.

Show your commitment to the original, unchallenged childhood shaping Decepticons design by wearing this excellent high quality Decepticons t shirt!