Twin Peaks Laura Palmer MISSING poster T Shirt

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Back in the day, there was a TV show that came along and really shook things up. In a time before Lost, 24 and any of the epic TV shows we are lucky enough to have today - Twin Peaks was a scary, freaky, dark weekly show that to this day in Heavy with a capital H.

25 years ago they were killing it with madness that would make your nose bleed! Couple that with the movie of the film "Fire Walk With Me" in which David Bowie evaporates in front of a police detective into thin air  - and you get some idea of the sheer lunacy that this show was based on.

If you have not seen this show - you need to - and then it might make a bit more sense.

Suffice to say that a pretty high school senior by the name of Laura Palmer is the focal point of the show, and how the out of town detective goes about uncovering how she was murdered is the main story line, but that just doesn't even begin to cover the depth of material that goes into making this show what it is!

Season 3 is being filmed right now, with John Malcovich being reprised as the Crazy Log Lady (don't ask)....

This Laura Palmer Twin Peaks t shirt features a classic Missing style poster with a distressed wooden sign touch to really make you feel like you are part of the insanity that is the Twin Peaks show!