Willy Wonka T Shirt Gene Wilder

Size: S
Colour: Purple
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This Willy Wonka T Shirts is an awesome retro t shirt featuring the original Willy Wonka. That was a crazy movie wasn't it? Darker is some ways than the modern version (although, Depps portrayal of Wonka in a Michael Jackson way is pretty spooky), Gene Wilder is the perfect person to bring the character to life.

It was all a bit wierd though wasn't it? As adults surely we can read between the lines, and see that it's not all about sweets and giving poor kids the chance to get one over on the rich?

Too right! All that laboratory equipment, and mind bending chemicals - that are still being tested....

It is with this in mind, that a shot of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka is shown on this design, with the descriptive term "Dealer"

Sweets indeed Mr Wonka.....